Connectix Announces Virtual PC 6, Jaguar Support, 25% Speed Increase

Connectix has updated its popular Mac version of Virtual PC to 6.0. Virtual PC is a software emulator that allows you to use PC operating systems and applications on your OS 9 or OS X Mac. Version 6 offers improved compatibility with Mac OS X, including Dock support, added Windows and Mac integration, and support for Appleis 23" Cinema HD Display.

The company also touts what it says is a 25% speed increase in the product. The speed increase was originally said to come when using the product with Mac OS X 10.2.3, but Connectix has since watered down this mention to a more vague "future release of the Mac OS." This suggests an upcoming update to Mac OS X in the near future. According to Connectix:

Connectix Virtual PC for Mac delivers true PC compatibility by enabling your Mac to run Windows¨ applications, access PC networks, use Windows-only Internet applications and share files with PC-based colleagues.

The Ultimate Compatibility Solution

Virtual PC provides you with the functionality and compatibility of a Pentium PC through sophisticated software emulation of the standard Intel¨ chip set and other hardware components. Itis like putting a powerful PC inside your Mac. You can run your Windows or DOS software - including business, education, Internet and home applications - just as you would on a PC.

Virtual PC is a true Macintosh application that uses standard Mac controls and commands. It has the user-friendly interface that is important to Mac users - keeping you productive and minimizing the learning curve.

New Features for Maximized Integration

  • Speed improvement - up to 25% faster on Mac OS X*
  • Mac OS X Dock integration
  • Enhanced back-up support in Mac OS X
  • Improved USB printing support for increased compatibility
  • Video support for Appleis monitors, including the 23" Cinema Display
  • Self-contained configurations; makes installation on several machines a snap.

* According to Connectix test, optimal performance requires a future release of the Mac OS, L3 cache, NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon video card.

You can find more information at Connectixis Web site. The upgrade is available for US$99, while the full version runs US$129-249. Virtual PC 6 is shipping now.