Consumer Photo Printing Package Announced For Mac OS X

Econ Technologies has announced Portraits & Prints, an app they bill as a "photo printing solution." Portraits & Prints is designed to be used by consumers looking to print their digital photos in Mac OS X. From Econ Technologies:

Portraits & Prints™, the personal photo studio for Mac® OS X, is now shipping! In conjunction with the release of Portraits & Prints, Econ Technologies is making a limited introductory offer. Customers who purchase Portraits & Prints for $19.95 anytime in November will receive the Portraits & Prints Template Maker™ program free of charge, a $9.95 value!

Templates are page layouts that print out photos in a variety of arrangements and sizes. With the Portraits & Prints Template Maker, create an unlimited number of templates by placing photos, adding graphics, and typing text. Print out themed photos, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, or whatever the imagination can come up with. The Portraits & Prints Template Maker is scheduled for release at the end of November 2001.

Portraits & Prints is a photo printing solution that stores image enhancements for use at any time without ever touching the original image. It is not an image editor and thus doesnit present a complex array of tools, palettes and filters. Using Portraits & Prints is simple: just add images, make enhancements, choose a layout, and print out your photos, all from a single window. It works with Mac OS Xis Image Capture to automatically download pictures from digital cameras and open them in Portraits and Prints.

Portraits & Prints is a native Cocoa Mac OS X application designed to take advantage of Mac OS X system features. The only requirements for Portraits & Prints is Mac OS X or later and a color printer

You can find more information on the product at Econ Technologiesi Web site. The product is priced at US$19.95, and the company offers a free demo version.