Contact This! Update Released

Pariahware has released an update for Contact This!, bringing it to version 1.1.1. Contact This! is an Entourage address book importer for use with OS Xis mail app. The update has a cosmetic bug fix. According to Pariahware:

Pariahware has released Contact This! v1.1.1 , an Entourage address book importer for MacOS Xis Mail. This version contains a cosmetic bug fix for MacOS X 10.1. The shareware utility imports all of the contacts and information exported by Entourage and supports editable contacts, multiple address selection (and drag & drop), and addition & deletion of contacts. For security, your contact database is backed up on every launch of the program.

You can find more information about the Contact This! update at the Pariahware Web site. Contact This! 1.1.1 is available for US$15.00.