Control Key-free Clicking for the Rest of Us

The two-finger Control-click feature on the MacBook Pro is great only if you have one of the pro Intel-based laptops. If you have a PowerBook, iBook, or a single-button mouse, however, you can Control-click without using the Control key with the right software.

Look Mom, No Hands! (LMNH) is a small application that lets you perform a Control-click, or right-click, by pressing and holding your mouse button down. It works best in the Finder and Safari, other applications tend to show some limited level of support. It does, however, work with most Macs, and supports the iBook and PowerBook trackpad. LMNH is available for download at the Tools & Toys Web site, and is priced at US$12.95.

iScroll2 is great - if you have a G4 iBook or PowerBook that was manufactured before 2005. This trackpad driver replaces the one Apple included with these Macs, and enables two-finger scrolling as well as assigning other functions, including Control-click, to the trackpad button. iScroll2 is available for download at the SourceForge Web site, and is free.

iScroll2 adds 2-finger scrolling to older G4 iBooks.

LMNH and iScroll2 are only a couple of options for button-free Control-clicking. If there is an application or hack you prefer, please share your favorite in the comments.

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