Control Your Cell Phone from Address Book

If you have an iSync compatible Bluetooth phone, itis easy to load your contacts from Address Book without any extra typing. Even better, you can control many cell phones from inside Address Book, too. Once your phone is paired with your Mac, Address Book activates the feature. If your phone isnit already paired, check out this Quick Tip for the step-by-step how-to.

Once your phone is paired, hereis what you do:

  • Launch Address Book. Itis in the Applications folder.
  • Click the Bluetooth button to connect your cell phone to Address Book. If you have more than one phone, Address Book should ask you which one to connect to.

  • Click the Bluetooth button to link Address Book to your phone.
  • Click and hold on the description of the number you want to dial. In this example, Iim choosing main because itis the only number available. If there were other numbers, like work or home, I could select from those, too.
  • Choose Dial With <your phoneis name>. Since my phone is called "Jeffis T610," Iill choose Dial With Jeffis T610.

Click and hold on a phone numberis title to see the Dial With option.

When Address Book is paired with your phone, it will also show an on-screen caller ID-type dialog whenever you have an incoming call. You can choose to answer the call, send it to voice mail, or log the call. If the call is from another cell phone, you can also send an SMS reply.

Answer your phone or send callers to voice mail with a mouse click.

The good news is that the cell phone features in Address Book work really well if your phone is supported. The bad news is that some popular phones arenit. My old Sony Ericsson T-610 works perfectly. My new Motorola RAZR V3, however, does not, even though I can use iSync to load contacts from Address Book into its memory.

You can check this list to see if your phone is iSync compatible. Remember: An iSync compatible phone isnit necessarily compatible with the dialing features in Address Book.

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