Cool Cube Carries Cheesy Commercial

A new service called Orchestrate has a very bad low-budget commercial with some very good taste. Orchestrate is an Internet service that allows you to get your voice-mail on the Web. You can forward them to other people, play them back, and do other things that are guaranteed to make an up and coming Suit quiver with anticipation.

In a commercial advertising the service, the first computer system you see includes an Apple flat panel display, an Apple Pro Keyboard, an Apple optical mouse, and a, wait for it, PowerMac Cube. Sitting behind the desk listening to a "You got the deal!" message over and over and over again is a white-collar sales person with a bad haircut and a cheesy grin on his face. This same character spends the rest of the commercial lying to his wife about playing golf. We arenit sure what that message is supposed to say, but the Cube and the flat panel display looked good!

Perusing the Orchestrate site, it seems that not all of the Orchestrate services are available on the Mac, but the basic voice-mail system is. For those interested in the service, the company offers a Flash walk-through.

If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.