Coporate Media News Offers Look At Apple's Growing Market Share In Broadcast Industry

Corporate Media News online has published an article heralding the growing market share of Apple products in the professional broadcasting and graphics industry. Jim Whittington cites the TrendWatch 2003 Broadcast/Cable Demographic Atlas Report, it appears that Appleis market share has jumped 8% from a year ago in broadcast/cable stations and 11% in the graphics/special effects industry. From the article:

In this weekly quick feature, TrendWatch founding partner Jim Whittington offers you interesting factoids based on market research from the broadcast and graphics industry. This week, see how Apple is making inroads into broadcast stations and FX markets.


Fact: 26% of U.S. broadcast stations and cable systems use Apple computers as their primary system for editing/production workstations.


Fact: 39% of U.S. FX/dynamic media studios use Apple computers as their primary system for pipeline/production workstations.

You can read the full article at Coporate Media News Web site.