Corporate Buyers Upset That They Can't Order Core Duo Laptops Yet

Apple users may be happy that Apple has produced its first computers that use Intelis new Core Duo processor, but corporate buyers who make laptop purchases are upset that they will have to wait.

While the new MacBook Pro isnit shipping yet, Apple is currently taking orders for the PowerBook replacement. An unnamed major corporate buyer, however, told the Inquirer Web site: "Am I the only IT person who finds it odd that Intelis favourite brand has not introduced or announced Core Duo Latitudes and Inspirons?

"I am ready to begin purchases for 2006 and would love to be able to get my hands on these, but they donit exist. I donit recall Dell ever missing a new CPU launch from Intel."

"In truth, according to inside sources," the Web site reported, "Apple put a lot of pressure on Intel to ensure Steve Jobs could announce availability of the Mac based systems. This is unlikely to cheer up corporate Wintel buyers, who, as we revealed several weeks ago, are unlikely to get Dell machines until early February, and in many cases much later."