Corsair Introduces 32 GB Flash Drives [UPDATED]

Corsair announced on Thursday that they have expanded the capacity of their Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor drives to 32 GB. The new products will debut at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) next week.

"Corsair 32GB drives provide the storage capacity necessary to hold over 16 full-length, high-definition movies or even an entire season of your favorite TV series. These large density drives can also be used as portable back-up devices for critical or sensitive information. In addition, Corsair 32GB USB 2.0 drives are bootable," the company said. They will boot any operating system, including Mac OS X.

Corsair Flash Survivor 32 GB

The Flash Voyager is durable, water resistant, and drop tested. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is priced at US$229.99.

The Flash Survivor has the same system compatibility, is ultra rugged, water resistant to 200 meters, and drop tested. The case is milled, anodized aircraft aluminum. It is priced at US$249.99.

[UPDATE 1/7/08: This story was updated to include clarification on installing and booting Mac OS X.]