Cosmic Blobs 3D Modeling for Kids Released

Dassault Systemes announced Wednesday the release of Cosmic Blobs 1.1, a 3D modeling program for children to create computer art and animated movies.

Available for the first time on the Mac, Cosmic Blobs includes a movie file capture feature, improved content graphics, and an expanded user interface. Cosmic Blobs acts like modeling clay on the computer, enabling users to design and animate creations.

Dassault Systemes will release themed expansion packs for Cosmic Blobs on a regular basis, with the first, "Critter Chaos," included free with this new version of the program. "Critter Chaos" includes fantastic animal-themed models, textures, decals, animations, and background options. Bonus Cosmic Blobs content and instructional information is also available through the use of Mac OS X Tigeris new Dashboard functionality. The Cosmic Blobs "Widget," the first designed specifically for children, provides desktop access to models, tutorials, and educational curricula for kids, parents, and educators.

Cosmic Blobs requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is priced at US$44.99. It will be available at Apple retail stores beginning in July 2005.