Country Hopping in iTunes

Letis say iTunes is displaying the iTunes Store for the wrong country, or maybe the country you live in was just added and you want to see whatis available for download. Not a problem. iTunes 7 offers a quick and easy way to switch between iTunes Store countries. Hereis how:

I start off in the US iTunes Store.
  • Launch iTunes 7
  • Select iTunes Store in the iTunes source list.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the iTunes Store window.

  • Pick the country I want to switch to...
  • Click the My Store pop-up menu and choose your country. In this case, Iim switching from the United States to New Zealand store.

...and now I see the iTunes New Zealand Store.

If an iTunes Store was just added for your country, it may not show up in the My Store list. Just quit and relaunch iTunes to refresh the My Store list.

Unfortunately, your iTunes account login is valid only in your country, so you canit purchase songs and videos from other iTunes Stores.

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