Court Orders Papermaster Off the Job

Former IBM exec Mark Papermaster wonit get to start his new job as a senior VP at Apple right away now that a court has ordered him off the job for potentially violating a non-compete agreement with his former employer. The order came from a U.S. District Court judge that felt his position at Apple was too similar to his job at IBM, according to Reuters.

Apple announced on November 4 that it was hiring Mr. Papermaster as senior vice president of Devices Hardware Engineering. At IBM, he served as vice president of Blade Development, and the company called him the "top expert in iPoweri architecture and technology."

IBM, however, doesnit want to see its former employee on Appleis payroll because itis concerned he might share trade secrets with his new bosses. "Mr. Papermaster has access to confidential know-how and other sensitive information that the company uses to manufacture its ibladei servers," the company said in its court filing.

Apple is complying with the court order, but isnit giving up on Mr. Papermaster without a fight. A new hearing is set for November 18 for his objections on the ruling.

An Apple spokesperson commented "We will comply with the courtis order but are confident that Mark Papermaster will be able to ultimately join Apple when the dust settles."