Cowflinging For Fun And Profit

There actually isnit all that much "profit" involved in Cowflinging aside from the enjoyment you may derive from a job well done. However, there is indeed a lot of enjoyment in this art, so trying a round or two may indeed be profitable for you. Furthermore, Cowflinging should not be confused with cow "tipping." Cow tipping requires annoying a live cow, whereas Cowflinging involves Flash, a couple of mouse clicks, and a sense of humor.

The object of Cowflinging is to prod a cartoon cow onto a catapult and fling her towards a target that has been drawn on the ground, possibly by the farmer who stands watching the whole process. You get 10 tries and are awarded points according to where your cow lands. You also get completely unhelpful commentary from the farmer. If you score more than 300 points with your 10 shots, you can enter your name into the Cowflingers hall of fame. There are more than one million people already in that hall of fame, so get ready to fling!

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Ready?!? AIM!!

Fling That Cow!
(Note the helpful comment from the farmer)

You can play Cowflinging at the link below. To play the game, you click once on the catapult to "arm" it. You then click a second time, holding down your mouse button to make the cow go further. Have fun, and never try this with a real cow! Seriously.