Creating Custom Greeting Cards on a Mac

One can buy off-the-shelf Christmas cards, but there are also many different ways to create custom Christmas or greeting cards on a Macintosh. Using iPhoto is just one way, according to Charles Moore in his Festive Mac roundup of card creation software at Applelinks.

Mr. Moore looked at and wrote mini-reviews of the following software: iPhoto, HappyHolidays!, Sophieis Cards 5, Easy Card 3.3.3., The Print Shop, Greeting Card Factory 1.0.2,, DrawIt 3.1, Print Explosion Deluxe 3, and winter templates from Econ Technologies.

Sophieis Cards 5

No matter what your interests and affiliations are this holiday season, thereis something for everyone in Mr. Mooreis elegant wrapup of all the tools for creating custom greeting cards on a Mac.