Creating Playlists On Your iPod

Making Playlists in iTunes for your iPod is easy enough, but what about creating Playlists on your iPod? No problem. Hereis how:

  • Navigate to a song, Playlist title, album, or artist name on your iPod.
  • Press and hold the Click Wheel center button until the highlighted item flashes to add the item to your On-the-Go Playlist.

Press and hold the center button to add tracks to your On-The-Go Playlist.

To play the tracks in your iPodis On-The-Go Playlist, navigate to Music > Playlists > On-The-Go. Be sure to either play a track in your On-The-Go Playlist within 36 hours of creating it, otherwise the entire Playlist may be deleted. Alternately, you can navigate to Music > Playlists > On-The-Go > Save Playlist to save your new Playlist.

Save and Clear options are in the On-The-Go Playlist.

Clearing your On-The-Go Playlist is easy, too. Just navigate to Music > Playlists > On-The-Go > Clear Playlist.

You can create On-The-Go Playlists only on iPods with displays. If you have a first or second generation iPod shuffle, you are out of luck.

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