Cross-Platform Development App Beta Release

Runtime Revolution has released a beta version of Revolution, bringing it to version1.1.1 beta 2. Revolution is a cross-platform software development tool. The latest release features new functions including improved stability and internet access enhancements. According to Runtime Revolution:

Runtime Revolution today announces the release of Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 (effectively release candidate 1).

Revolution is an industry leading cross-platform development tool which allows developers to write their source code once and deliver on all major platforms. Revolution 1.1.1 builds on the feature set of previous releases, improves stability and adds enhancements in internet access, database support for Mac OS X, the user interface and improvements to the underlying engine.

You can find more information about the Revolution beta release at the Runtime Revolution Web site. Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 Professional Edition is available for US$995.00.