Cross Platform Boogey: Qt/Mac Released by Trolltech

Trolltech has released an app development tool for the Mac, Qt/Mac. Qt/Mac is designed to work with many operating systems including Unix and Linux using the C++ GUI framework. Qt/mac supports Mac Aqua and has carbonized OS X support. According to Trolltech:

With its release of Qt/Mac, Trolltech has added Apple Macintosh to the list of platforms supported by Qt, an emerging industry standard in cross-platform software development. Application developers using Qt can now target Mac OS X with the same ease, as they are currently targeting Windows, Linux, Unix, and embedded Linux systems. Qt allows developers to create a single source tree that will run on all these major platforms.

There are numerous features included in Qt/Mac, and among these is an extensive C++ framework for OS X, support for the Aqua look &feel, OpenGL support, database support and rich text support. Qt/Mac runsnative on Mac OS X, of course, and is fully carbonized.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, Qt/Mac has all the elements of Qt 3.0. The database capability gives Mac developers the ability to create applications that are both database- and platform-independent.

You can find more information about Qt/Mac at the Trolltech Web site. Qt/Mac is available starting at US$1,550