Cube Owner Says: "Why All The Whining? The Cube Rocks!"

There are times when all of us sometimes feel like the world is a crappy place, even with our way cool Macs to work on. Then there are times when something simple helps to remind you that life is actually pretty darned cool after all, especially with our way cool Macs to work on. Observer Jim Staalesen did just that for us with the following letter regarding the G4 Cube. According to Mr. Staalesen:

Iive been reading with great interest on many of the media web sites, including The Mac Observer, about all the problems that have been associated with the G4 Cube. Cracks, DOAis, freeze-ups, intermittent shutdowns, etc. etc. If I had no other way to judge the integrity of the Cube other than what Iive read, I would be a fool to assume that it is anything other than a piece of junk. Pretty junk I grant you, but junk nonetheless.

Fortunately, I am able to form my own opinion based upon ownership, not media and other reports. Now, donit take this the wrong way, Iim not gloating or relegating the complaints of other owners as insignificant or unfounded, but in the interest of balanced reporting and fairness Iive got to let you know that my Cube is nothing short of magnificent.

Iim a former Mac user that abandoned ship back when Apple decided to kill the clone licensing program. Since that time, Iive bought three Gatewayis and a Dell, and enough Windows software to run a business and keep my kids in games. The problem is that Iive always found the Windows environment to be lacking in its ease of use, and its hardware noisy and uninspired. I didnit realize how much I longed for a powerful, quiet computer that had the ease of use of the Mac OS - until I saw the Cube. There it was.

Sure, I added some RAM. Sure, I bought the 15" flat screen. Sure, the Cube may carry a premium when compared to other hardware. You know what? Who cares?!? This system is the reason I was attracted to the Mac back in the i80is. It recaptures for me the same "wow cool" emotion that first drew me in. I wonit judge or define that response by figuring out whether it cost me an extra couple of hundred bucks for the pleasure, and I donit want to. If cost was all that mattered, weid all be driving Yugois and wearing a Timex.

All I know is that my Cube is awesome. No cracks, shutdowns, or other problems. Iive had it a few weeks, hooked it into the network, ran a DV camera on it , and just loaded MS Office 2001. Itis nothing short of the best computer Iive ever owned, in form, function and performance. Itis a new experience for me to work in peace and quiet, without the constant droning of a cooling fan, and a long recaptured experience to look at - and work - on a computer and think to myself - "wow - cool".

Again, Iim sorry if other owners have had problems, and I expect that Apple will work to straighten things out. Just thought I add my experience to the mix.

Rock on Cube.


Rock on too Jim, and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. What are your experiences with the Cube? Write us and let us know, and we may include your comments in a follow-up piece.