Cumulus Add-On From Canto

At next weekis Seybold conference, Canto will be announcing the availability of an add-on to the Cumulus line of publishing apps, the Cumulus PDF AssestStore module. The Cumulus PDF AssetStore module is a PDF managment app that allows users to catalog PDF files which Cumulus then creates thumbnails for. PDF AssetStore also has a PDF filter that allows users to search text within the PDF files. According to Canto:

Canto released the Cumulus PDF AssetStore module. The PDF AssetStore is an add-on Option that extends the feature set of any edition in the Cumulus 5 product line—the Single User Edition, the Workgroup Edition and the Enterprise Edition. The PDF AssetStore allows users to efficiently manage PDF files.

With the PDF AssetStore Option, users simply catalog a PDF file and Cumulus will create a thumbnail of the PDF document and in addition one thumbnail for each page of the entire PDF. A new PDF filter, provided with the PDF AssetStore Option will also read out the text in the PDF document and place it in the Cumulus Notes field. Users can then search the Notes field to find specific text. Users have two choices for reading out the text. The filter can read out a user-specified number of words and store them in the Notes field or it can first sort the text by font size and then read out a user-specified number of words—a handy feature for users who want to make sure to capture all the headlines in order of importance.

User Benefits of the PDF AssetStore Option:

  • Allows users to manage PDF documents either as compound documents or as single pages
  • Automatically catalogs pages and text
  • Allows users to create PDF files from the cataloged records. Simply drop the thumbnail and record that serve as links to the real file onto the desktop and Cumulus instantly creates the actual PDF document.
  • Creates excellent previews on the fly which can then be displayed in Acrobat Reader
  • Users can choose to read out text in order of appearance or first sorted by font size

You can find more information about Cumulus PDF AssetStore at the Canto Web site. The Cumulus PDF AssetStore add-on will be available in October for US$249.00.