Custom Icon Creator Update Released

Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity has released an update for Can Combine Icons, bringing it to version 1.1. Can Combine Icons is a icon utility designed for creation original icons for desktops and files. The update has bug fixes for OS X and runs on 8.5 and higher. According to Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity:

Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity today released the first major update to its desktop icon utility Can Combine Icons. The new release adds features that increase user control over desktop icons, and fixes a number of bugs affecting the quality of the generated icons.

Can Combine Icons is a utility that merges icons into user-selected patterns. It can be used to create custom folder icons for programs, to design icon sets or to spice up the desktop. The interface is simple, yet powerful, and lets the user create his/her own icon designs on the fly. The batch creation feature is unmatched in other products, and dramatically increases the efficiency when working on more than one icon.

You can find more information about the Can Combine Icons update at the Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity Web site. Can Combine Icons 1.1 is available shareware for US$5.00.