Customizable Flash Card App From Bains Software

Bains Software has released a new app for Mac users, Cram Session 1.0. Cram Session is a flash card and memorization study tool designed with unlimited stacks. The app ships with preset questions, but also allows for user entered Q & A topics. According to Bains Software:

Navdeep Bains(me), creator of MacDICT and Mail Beacon, has released a new program for the MacOS.

Cram Session is a highly customizable flash card/memorization tool, with unlimited stacks.

Cram Session is a study tool that emulates conventional flash card sets. You can set it up to test yourself on anything you want. It allows for the standard two-word setup, but also allows the questions to be full-fledged sentences.


  • Unlimited number of flash card sets
  • Questions can be presented in ascending, descending and random order
  • Support for multiple choice questions
  • Can test for both "sides of the card": the question or the answer
  • Can test for multiple flash card sets at the same time
  • Highly customizable

Included Subjects:

  • Elements & Symbols
  • States & Capitols
  • Seinfeld Trivia
  • and Multiplication Tables

You can find more information about the Cram Session release at the Bains Software Web site. Cram Session is available for US$6.50.