Customized, Powerful Menus: MaxMenus Updated to v1.1

Proteron LLC has announced an update to its MacOS X menu utility, MaxMenus. MaxMenus makes more menus available to any application, and allows users to customize and create their own menus. From Proteronis press release:

MaxMenus, which is exclusively available for Appleis Mac OS X, adds powerful and customizable menus to any display. The menus simplify the launching and managing of applications, documents, volumes, preferences, recent items, photos, music playlists and much more. The product ships with numerous menus pre-configured for great out-of-the-box utility, but can also be configured to meet an individualis needs.

The 1.1 update to MaxMenus fixes every bug identified in previous versions, and sports several new features. An area of focus for the 1.1 update was improving drag-and-drop functionality. MaxMenus now supports dropping into menus invoked with a hot-key, and "grabbing", the ability to start a drag with an item in a menu. The update also improves its Dock enhancing features.

MaxMenus is priced at $29.95, with volume discounts available. You can find out more about Proteron and MaxMenus at the Proteron Web site.