Cut The Noise With A New Drive From WiebeTech

A new drive from WiebeTech may be the answer for those that need extra FireWire storage, but donit want the extra noise of an enclosure with a built in fan. The new DesktopGB+ drives offer a fanless aluminum enclosure, an Oxford OXFW911 FireWire chipset, and capacities from 80GB to 200GB, including a bare enclosure. From WiebeTech:


Oxford OXFW911 FireWire Bridge: Universal OS compatibility, fast transfer rates.

Aluminum Enclosure: Tough enclosure, looks great, dissipates heat more readily than plastic enclosures. The aluminum enclosure also helps prevent Radio Frequency Interference. (UltraGB is FCC class B tested and CE approved.)

Fanless Operation: Quiet operation allows the user to hear only the drive, not the fan: an absolute requirement for use with any audio, video, or multimedia application.

Dual FireWire ports: Allows daisy chaining to digital cameras and other drives.

User Upgradeable: Two screws open the case; four screws hold the drive to the case.

ATA-6 compatible: Each unit is capable of supporting ATA-6 drives, with compatible capacities to 250GB and beyond.

Universal AC adapter: Use anywhere you travel, from Asia to New Zealand.

Mac Drive 5 software included: Allows users to read Mac Formatted drives on Windows computers.

DesktopGB+ drives are available now, and range in price from US$139.95 for a bare enclosure to US$479.95 for a 200GB drive. You can find more information at WiebeTechis Web site.