Cut To The Chase With Data Hammer Proxy Preview Release

Glucose is now shipping a preview release of Data Hammer Proxy. Data Hammer Proxy is best described as a filler filter for text on Web pages. The app is designed to trim down the unnecessary information found on many Web pages so that just the important parts are apparent. According to Glucose:

Glucose Releases Data Hammer Proxy Preview Release 2 for Mac OS X 10.1.x.

Data Hammer Proxy is technology that works with your web browser to summarize any document on the net. Simply click the "Less" link at the top of any web page to bring the most important sentences and paragraphs to the foreground while the filler melts away instantly. Reduce the time it takes to get information you need from news stories, technical articles, and business documents of any sort.

Data Hammer Proxy Preview Release 2 offers a brand new Aqua interface and rock solid stability as well as improved error handling.

You can find more information about the Data Hammer Proxy preview at the Glucose Web site. The preview release of Data Hammer Proxy is available free until January 15th.

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