Cute Little Aliens From Blockdot Invading

Blockdot has released a new game for Mac gamers, Frendz. Frendz is a strategy game designed with cute little aliens. Two modes of play are available to help alleviate boredom. According to Blockdot:

Itis lunchtime - how about a game between Frendz?

We just launched our newest game featuring some cute little aliens called Frendz.

If you loved Elf Balls, you will really enjoy this game. You play against the computer, trying to place your Frendz on the game board in order to create columns or rows of similar game pieces. Each round gets harder as the computer begins to see patterns in your movements. Or you can start out on the hardest level and get more points per piece captured. I suggest doing this only if you are an expert because the computer will totally kick your butt.

You can find more information about Frendz at the Kewlbox Web site. Frendz is available as freeware.