DEVONtech Updates DEVONthink And DEVONagent

DEVONtechnologies has released an update for DEVONthink and DEVONagent , bringing them to versions 1.8 and 1.2.1 respectively. DEVONthink is a personal data management tool designed for organizing data, ranging from pictures to source codes. DEVONagent is a utility designed to be an automatic user defined search assistant. The updates feature menu commands and other enhancements. According to DEVONtechnologies:

DEVONtechnologies extends the freeform database and information manager DEVONthink and updates DEVONagent, its intelligent search agent and alternative browser.

DEVONthink 1.8 allows the creation of Wiki-style links to build cross-references from RTF texts to other documents, images, bookmarks or links. Going just one step further, DEVONthink also allows to make every piece of text a "static link" which allows to create freely named cross-links. With the same mechanism, e-mail or web addresses can be made clickable.

Also, new contextual menu commands make it easier to rename documents, look up selected words via the built-in intelligence, and grab text and images from web pages. Search words are now highlighted in HTML views and the search field in browser views uses only one additional pane.

DEVONagent has been updated to take advantage of some features inherited from DEVONthink such as the highlighting of search words in HTML and text views, and better supports proxies which require authorisation.

Additionally, new shortcuts make it easier to use DEVONagent as an alternative browser, an improved advertisement filter leads to cleaner results and some of the included demo crawler have been updated. DEVONagent 1.2.1 comes with an improved memory management and is more responsive even on slower machines.

You can find more information about the DEVONthink update at the DEVONtechnologies Web site. The updates are free for registered users, while the full versions are available for US$35.00.