DIY: Password Protected PDFs

Sharing sensitive documents electronically doesnit necessarily require applications like Adobe Acrobat to encrypt and protect your data. Mac OS X includes its own PDF encryption tool, no extra charge.

Hereis how to create an encrypted PDF from most any application:

  • Choose File > Print.

  • Tigeris Encrypt PDF option.
  • Click and hold the PDF button, and then choose Encrypt PDF.
  • Enter a password others can use to decrypt your PDF.

  • Enter a password to keep prying eyes out of your PDF.
  • Click Continue.
  • Name your PDF.

  • Name your encrypted PDF.
  • Click Save.

Anyone that wants to read the contents of your PDF will first need to have the password you assigned to the document.

This is a quick and easy was to make sure that your private documents stay that way. If you need more control over how your PDF is created - like which fonts are included - youill still need to use a more full-featured PDF creation tool like Adobe Acrobat.

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