DV Graphics Adds New Options To The "Iconize Me" Service

DV Graphics has released new additions to the "Iconize Me!" service. "Iconize Me!" is a service designed for personal custom icon creation featuring portraits and other pix. The "Plus" and "Premium" additions expand resolution with support for Photoshop and JPEG icons. According to DV Graphics:

Today DV Graphics announces two new expansions to their wildly popular Iconize Me! service.

“Iconize Me! Plus” includes all of the same icons and instructions that were standard with the original Iconize Me! in addition to a 300 DPI JPEG of their icon. Now customers can enjoy their digital caricature the same way they would a real one.

“Iconize Me! Premium” is for professionals who would like a little more from their icons. Users get all that is included with Iconize Me! Plus, but instead of a JPEG, they receive a full-sized Photoshop (PSD) document of their icon. Along with the license to use their icon commercially, the sky’s the limit. They can use their icon for anything: From websites and blogs, to business cards and letterheads.

The original “Iconize Me! Classic” package is still available. With Iconize Me! Classic, the user gets a high quality OS 9/OS X caricatured icon that they can use for anything on their Macs. Hard Drives, Folders, Documents, OS X Login Pictures, and iChat icons can be used with Iconize Me!

You can find more information about the new "Iconize Me!" additions at the DV Graphics Web site. The Premium service is available for US$35.00, and the "Plus" is available for US$15.00.