Danish iBook Owners File Consumer Rights Complaint

Fifty Danish iBook owners have filed a complaint with their countryis Consumer Rights Board, alleging that Apple isnit obeying local laws by replacing faulty laptop keyboards. They claim that the letters on their laptopsi keyboards have faded after less than two years of use, according to Macworld UKis Jonny Evans, who said he has experienced the same problem.

Danish consumer law calls for a two-year warranty on manufacturer defects, which the Danish group says this problem falls under. Appleis standard warranty runs one year from the date of purchase, unless the computer owner wants to purchase extended AppleCare coverage.

The Danish consumers, who have set up a Web site to chronicle their complaints, said that Apple Europe has helped some laptop owners with the problem, but that effort has been limited to anyone whose computer is still under warranty.

The groupis spokesman, Carsten Legaard, said: "As a highly branded company, Apple should not let customers pay for the necessary exchange of a keyboard that is way beyond the quality one must expect from a $1,500 notebook. Have you ever paid $1,500 for a product just to see the user environment falling apart in less than 18 months? Well, that is what happened to the letters on my G4 keyboard, and I surely did not step on it. I did not even use the G4 extensively, while at work I am equipped with another machine."