Dave Hamilton to Bang the Skins for Houserockers

TMO President and cohost of the Mac Geek Gab, Dave Hamilton, will be appearing behind the drums for the Silicon Valley Houserockers, a band lead by IDG World Expos Vice President Paul Kent. Mr. Kent, the former CEO of Mactivity, is the power behind Macworld Expo, and he leads not only the SV Houserockers, but also shares the stage with Dave Hamilton and other Mac writers in the Macworld All-Star Band during Macworld Expo itself.

Mr. Hamilton will be appearing with the Houserockers on October 13th, in Campbell, California at the Kings Head Pub. The event is Paul Kentis 45th birthday, where he is expected to join the AARP, stock up on some adult-diapers ("just in case," Mr. Kent let us know), and begin using phrases like "When I was your age..." and "Why should I have a mobile phone when this phone works just fine?"

As an aside, this reporter has seen the Houserockers several times, and despite Mr. Kentis advancing age, they put on a great show. As another aside, Dave Hamilton can rock the house (get it?) on a drum set. Accordingly, if you can come, you should be there.