David Coursey Loves Xserve

David Coursey of AnchorDesk has published a column endorsing Appleis Xserve. Xserve is Appleis new rackmount server that was introduced on Tuesday, May 14th. David Coursey is a long time Windows user who recently converted his main computer use over to Mac OS X. In his latest column, "Appleis Xserve: Why itis a big deal for all of us," Mr. Coursey says that the new product will be a success for Apple. From that piece:

Usually, I feel let down after I come home from watching Steve Jobs introduce his newest product. Once Iim away from Steveis famous "reality distortion field," the luster of his newest baby--invariably described as even more incredible than the one before--always seems to dim. Itis not that the latest whatever isnit a great product. But the letdown is real.

So why donit I feel that way about Xserve, the new OS X-based, rack-mounted server Steve introduced earlier this week? Is it because Appleis CEO promised his company would be "humble" in entering the server market? Did he actually undersell the importance of a server that combines a powerful Unix-based operating system with Appleis legendary ease-of-use and great industrial design, all at what appears to be very reasonable prices?

IiM NOT SURE. But even now, several days removed from Steve-speak, I remain impressed with the server and with its potential for both improving Appleis future and making Unix, finally, a tool for the masses.

Mr. Coursey goes on to play both sides of a pro and con discussion on why Xserve is a good product, and we recommend the full article as a good read.