December Issue Of Web Page Design For Designers Available

The December issue of Web Page Design For Designers is now available. The latest issue offers up tips on keeping images sharp when changing their size, and offers a look at Adobeis Photoshop 6. According to WPDFD:

Logo Design Workshop - Part 3 - A logo doesnit just spell out a companyis name. The way it presents itself says a lot more about the company than you think - subliminally.

Mini Review: Photoshop 6
Adobe have added some very welcome improvements in addition to the new features which all goes to bolster Photoshopis kingpin position in the image editing market.

NEW SECTION: TopTip - Image reduction in Photoshop. Learn how to maintain crispness when you resize images.

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You can find more information, and see the full December issue, at the Web Page Design For Designers web site.