Deep Sky Shipping Fix Up 4D 1.0.0

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. is now shipping Fix Up 4D 1.0.0 for Mac users. FU4D is a 4D utility extension set designed for the trouble-shooting and correcting 4D environments. The utility ships with independently working documents for custom tailored packages. According to Deep Sky Technologies:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of Fix Up 4D (FU4D) v1.0.0 for Macintosh and Windows. FU4D is a set of 4D extensions which enhance, improve, and correct the 4th Dimension development and runtime environment. 4D extensions allow for the actual 4D environment to be patched, repaired, and improved. FU4D provides a comprehensive basis of individual improvements to the 4D environment which all 4D developers can take advantage of immediately.

The documents included in the FU4D package all work independently of each other and there is no requirement that any combination of them be used at any time. This makes it simple for the developer to choose which improvements in particular benefit development and only install the 4D extension documents in FU4D package which are most useful.

You can find more information about Fix Up 4D release at the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Web site. Fix Up 4D 1.0.0 is available as freeware.