Default Folder X Updated With Panther Support

St. Clair Software has released an update for Default Folder X, bringing it to 1.9. Default Folder X is a Open and Save dialog enhancement designed for improved Finder control. The latest update features Panther support and improves performance speed. According to St. Clair Software:

Further improving its EddyAward-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs, St. Clair Software today released version 1.9 of Default Folder X.

In conjunction with this update, it is necessary to warn users that older versions of Default Folder X are completely incompatible with Panther. When Default Folder X 1.8 or earlier is running, it will cause all
applications to quit as soon as they are launched.

We regret this situation, but feel that sharing this information as widely as possible is the best way to minimize the inconvenience to our customers. If users have Default Folder X set to launch when they log in, they will need to log in while holding down the Shift key, then turn off Default Folder X in System Preferences or upgrade to version 1.9 immediately.

Default Folder X 1.9 is fully compatible with Mac OS X Panther and supports Pantheris new file dialog design. It also adds significant new features to speed navigation in Open and Save dialogs even more.

All menus in Open and Save dialogs can now be shown hierarchically, allowing you to navigate to
deeply nested folders with a single click and drag. Default Folder X also provides a new system menu in the menu bar, displaying all favorite and recently used folders hierarchically so that files and folders are only a few clicks away.

You can find more information about the Default Folder X update at the St. Clair Software Web site. Default Folder X 1.9 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$34.95.