Dejal Adds Preview to Simon v2.3.1

Dejal announced on Monday that Simon v2.3.1 has added a rewritten Port service plugin which enables the preview feature.

The Preview window includes both the HTML source and rendered content of the page, while the Source window includes the server headers and HTML source. The user can also easily view the sites in the preferred Web browser.

Simon is an application that checks Web pages, FTP and DNS servers, local or remote ports or volumes, and other services for changes or failures, and notifies the user via e-mail, sound, speech, or HTML reports.

Simonis services include the ability to check Web pages, FTP files and directory listings, DNS, ping servers, watch a local Application, capture periodic screen shots, watch for System Log Errors, and more. Also, the user can easily add services via custom port connections, AppleScripts, shell scripts, or Perl, PHP and Python.

Simon 2.3.1 is immediately available and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. There are three licensing plans available, depending on the number of tests conducted, and the lowest level is priced at US$29.95.