Dejal's Time Out 1.5 Offers Improved Flexibility

Dejal announced Time Out 1.5 on Monday. The new version increases the flexibility of their break reminder program and adds a rearranged break layout and the ability to change the postpone button intervals.

Starting with version 1.5, the user can change the number of minutes for the postpone buttons, or even hide them and/or the skip button in order to encourage breaks.

Dejails break reminder program is designed to assist those who sit at a computer for long periods of time and may forget to take frequent breaks.

Time Out has two kinds of breaks: a "Normal" break, typically for 10 minutes after 50 minutes of work, so one can move about and relax, plus a "micro" break: a very brief pause of typically 10 seconds every 10 minutes, so one can remember not to tense up too much for long periods. The user can disable either kind of break if desired.

Time Out 1.5 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. It is free. According to the authoris blog, "everyone who donates (any amount!) will be eligible for a Time Out 2 license at no further cost. This offer will expire when Time Out 2 is released (after Leopard)."