Denial Of Service Attack On RIAA Site Following Hollywood Hacking Proposal

An apparently deliberate denial-of-service attack crippled the RIAAis Web site from Friday to Sunday. The disruptions to the site occurred not long after the RIAA gave support to a new bill before the US Congress that would allow the industry to be safe from prosecution if it were to use ihackingi techniques to prevent media piracy. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Reports from the siteis technical staff throughout Monday and Tuesday showed intermittent problems caused by high numbers of people visiting, but there were none of the coordinated efforts seen during the previous two days.

"We are only left to wonder why these people donit have something better to do during the summer," an RIAA spokesman said. "For some, perhaps it at least distracted from pirating music for a few minutes."

He declined "to speculate or hazard a guess" as to the motivation behind blocking access to

Given that the RIAA and MPAA voiced their endorsement of the bill just a day before the attacks started, it appears clear that thereis a link.

You can read the article in full at the Hollywood Reporter.