Design Schemes, Win Stuff

Appleholics Anonymous, after being "homeless" for a short time, is back in full force and have announced that they are extending their Kaleidoscope scheme building context. If you are a scheme designer, or are interested in giving it a shot, here is your big chance. According to Appleholics Anonymous:

SCHEMEWORLD EXTENDED TO OCT. 15 2000 Since returning to our "home" domain last week, Appleholics-Anonymous has received many emails and two new SchemeWorld entries, bringing our total to six, just one entry shy of the minimum requirements to continue. Based on the response, and the renewed interest, we are extending the contest to October 15 to allow for a few more entries.

Fire up those pixel presses and send your schemes in for the contest. And, donit forget to check out the contest rules page! Thanks goes out to everyone for your support and visits!

Contest rules:

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You can find more information at the Appleholics Anonymous web site.