DeskShade Plus Updated With Dual Monitor Support

MacRabbit has released an update for DeskShade Plus, bringing it to version 1.1. DeskShade Plus is a desktop utility designed to free up icon clutter on a users desktop. The update features dual monitor support and improved desklock. According to MacRabbit:

MacRabbit has released DeskShade Plus 1.1.

DeskShade Plus is the cure for boring and cluttered desktops. Why even bother to set a desktop picture when itis mostly covered by ugly icons? Why would you be happy with a static background covered by documents? Thatis what we thought, so we created DeskShade Plus. It takes you one step closer to desktop nirvana.

The new version packs a great deal of improvements and new features. The core functionality, hiding the desktop, has been optimized and refined. Dual monitor support has been added, although thatis in an early stage. DeskLock is better than ever. You can now save passwords and away messages among many other things. There are four panes full of new preferences to try out =)

You can find more information about the DeskShade Plus update at the MacRabbit Web site. DeskShade Plus is available for US$6.99.