Desktop Pattern Software Updated

Eckysoft has released a new version of the Starfish desktop pattern generation software, Starfish Pro v1. Starfish Pro allows users to easily create complex desktop patterns without seams, overlap, or degradation of image quality. According to Eckysoft:

Eckysoft is pleased to announce the release of Starfish Pro v1, a major upgrade of the classic "Starfish" desktop pattern generator.

Starfish creates seamless desktop patterns from scratch, mixing layers of fractal and trigonometric algorithms with color gradients and alpha-blending. While using the same pattern generation techniques as Starfish, Starfish Pro aims at giving users a new degree of flexibility in their creation.

Through a simple interface, new patterns can be created, rendered, and saved. A patterns size and color palette can be tweaked as many times as necessary to achieve the perfect image. Starfish Pro even comes with a small collection of eye-catching patterns to start out with.

Starfish Pro is available for free under the GNU Open Source license. You can find more information at the Eckysoft Web site.