Desktop Voyeurism: Here?s A Windows-Only,Time-Wasting App We Openly Envy

Hereis an ultimate screensaver.

Imagine that every time your computer goes idle, a "screen capture" or picture is taken of your desktop -- open windows, running applications, etc. -- and that picture is uploaded to a central server. There, your picture is shared with other connected users around the world, so that whenever their screensaver fires up, other usersi screens display a the picture of your desktop.

Well, there is such an app, called DeskSwap. Currently running with 28,000 users, DeskSwap gives you two choices: 1) you can "swap" desktop photos of someone else in the world that you specify, or 2) you can have rotating pictures of 28,000 other peopleis desktop screen captures.

"Youill show me yours," Mark Daggettis DeskSwap page teasingly promises you.

Itis a nice, downright cool, application, but thereis only one little problem: itis Windows only. TMO wrote the author, asking him if there is a Mac version in the works. In that note, we conceded that the e-mail runs the risk of inciting Mark Daggett to retort, "get a real computer," but we expressed hope that the resurgence of Apple Computer and the emergence of OS X as the operating system to watch may inspire Mr. Daggett to either create a Mac version of DeskSwap or allow some enterprising Mac shareware author (Hint! Hint!) to handle the chores of porting the application to Mac OS X.

Take a look at the DeskSwap home page, and if the idea seems of enticing enough, a kind e-mail to the author just may do be do the job.