Desktop Weather App Comes To OS X

Dean Davis has released an OS X version of his desktop weather application, WeatherMan X. WeatherMan X allows OS X users to have access to the latest weather conditions direct from the National Weather Service, including alerts for severe weather. According to Mr. Davis:

Dean Davis today announced the initial release of his new weather information program for the Macintosh: WeatherMan (for Classic OS) and WeatherManX (for OS X).

WeatherMan downloads real-time weather information directly from the National Weather Service Weather Gateway. It has a feature set not found in any other weather program for the Macintosh:

  • Current Weather Conditions for over 1600 US locations and 2300 locations worldwide. Conditions include: Temperature, Wind Chill, Heat Index, Barometer, Wind Speed and Direction, Humidity, Outside Conditions and sky visibility. (English and Metric Units)
  • Current and Extended Forecast information (US Locations only)
  • Special, Urgent and Severe Weather Statements including Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado and Flood warnings. (US Only)
  • Seven different Nexrad radar images including the National Composite Image. (US Only)
  • Monitor as many cities as you want at one time (limited only by memory).
  • Classic and OS X compatible versions

WeatherMan X is available for US$10. You can find more information at Mr. Davisi Web site.