Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch Released

Thats right! The highly anticipated multiplayer patch is out! Now you can start playing PC and Mac Deus Ex fans online through either Scott Kevillis Gameranger or TCP/IP. For those not familiar with Deus Ex, it is a FPS (first person shooter) that brings together a variety of genres, including role playing, in order to give you an intense futuristic experience. The game also features superb graphics due to its Unreal Tournament Engine foundation.

The Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch gives you the opportunity to play a role playing style deathmatch or team deathmatch game against fellow Nano-Augmented trench coat wearing cyber terrorists. Choose how to develope your character through point allocation, and gain more points as you successfully dominate over your opponents. Here is the extensive list of features included in the multiplayer patch:

  • Multiplayer support, including DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch
  • 5 new multiplayer maps
  • Built in search engine for multiplayer servers
  • Single player and multiplayer bug fixes (see detailed fix list below)

The multiplayer patch can be installed over any previous version of the game. If you have installed the original beta version of the multiplayer patch, we strongly recommend that you install the new, final version. This patch includes some important bug fixes and you will need it to connect to multiplayer servers. Note that the multiplayer patch INCLUDES the single player patch, so thereis no reason to install both!

The Multiplayer patch is available for free download (wieghing in at a hefty 35 mb) at the Apple Web site. If you have not given Deus Ex a try, you can find more information at the official Deus Ex Web site (you will need the flash 4.0 plugin).