Developer Reports Leopard Rock Solid, Ready to Go

Leopard is rock solid and ready to go, according to Scott Love, president of Aquaminds. Their flagship product, NoteTaker, and the new NoteShare, are complex products that exploit and stress many of Leopardis capabilities such as the QuickLook Generator. Mr. Love said heis very happy with the stability and speed of their latest version of Leopard, and heis ready to move in for daily use.

Mr. Love spoke exclusively with TMO and reported that, not only is Leopard noticeably faster on his PowerBook G4, but very stable considering the complexity of NoteTaker. "We use a lot of the system [in development] so weire a good benchmark in [stress testing] many areas of Appleis OS."

"Theyive come a long way since the WWDC release," he said. "And it makes Vista look like garbage."

Referring to some peopleis concerns that Apple short-changed Leopard to make the end of October deadline, Mr. Love said, "I donit think thatis true. Itis better than what I had expected as well. Itis rock solid and working great."

TMO asked about Appleis responsiveness in fixing bugs that Aquaminds has reported. Mr. Love was pleased with Apple and said," Apple has been very responsive with Leopard and fixed a ton of bugs over the last year and all the bugs that we reported."

As for his own PowerBook, Mr. Love concluded: "I spent all last night testing our new code with Leopard. Iim ready to make Leopard my daily OS. And I canit wait to try it on my new Intel MacBook Pro."