Developer Runs MacOS On Amiga

A Slashdot story notes that an Amiga developer at a Yahoo! Group has managed to get MacOS 9.2 running on his AmigaOne developer board, using the emulator Mac -on-Linux. The AmigaOne uses a G3 processor, and Mac-on-Linux has OS X emulation in the works as well. From the Yahoo! posting:

It was able to boot Mac OS 9 from a partition on a SCSI drive from my PowerMac 8500 that I installed in my AmigaOne. It took less than 30 minutes to download, compile, install, and configure following the instructions on the website. It runs at least as well or better then MacOnLinux ran on my 8500 running YDL 2.1 Linux.

You can check out the full story and associated links at Slashdot.