Did You Punch Out Yet?

Redcort Software & Development is offering up a new beta version of their worker tracking application, Virtual TimeClock Pro. Virtual TimeClock Pro allows people to track workers hours, and provides a number of reporting options. According to Redcort Software:

Virtual TimeClock Professional Edition reflects the best of the previous versionis ease of use while incorporating virtually every major new feature our clients have been asking for.

See if your requested new feature is listed below:

  • Activity/Project/Client/Departmental time tracking,
  • Configurable as a secure time clock or end of day activity reporting tool,
  • Network ready and fully integrated with the NetTimeClock client software,
  • Dynamic and powerful interactive report selecting, viewing and printing,
  • Vacation and sick leave accrual and tracking,
  • Overtime settings and rates configurable for every day of the week,
  • Weekly overtime calculations for semimonthly and monthly payroll periods,
  • Customizable memos inform others whois gone and whois simply on break,
  • Messaging system for simple, yet effective private communication,
  • Enhanced security where program access assigned by user level,
  • Simplified and centralized program administration.

Our early beta testing team brought wonderful stability and many many improvements to the public release. In fact, several were so thorough that I spent half of July and all of August just tweaking and tuning features they thought needed a little more effort! Because of all these recent revisions, Iill bet that once the public beta is deployed on thousands of computers, weill have a slew of minor bugs to fix. But thatis relatively easy stuff now. Weire just about there.

Weill keep betas coming until I feel confident weive squashed every remaining bug and/or identified conflict issues with the program. As soon as the Mac release is igood to goi, Iill jump into the Windows beta thatis been temporarily set aside and finish out this project!

Virtual TimeClock Pro is available for US$149.95, though for the duration of the beta period registered users of Virtual TimeClock 2 may upgrade for US$49.95. You can find more information at the Redcort Software web site.