Differencia 1.0 Released for Mac OS X

DayTime Software has released the first version of Differencia. The software is a unique tool for comparing data with different formats and is Mac exclusive.

Differencia is designed to compare multiple, tabular data soures that have different file formats and data formats. "Differencia handles International Date, Time and Number formats as well as files originating from Mac, Windows or Unix systems. Differencia uses intelligent, content aware comparisons to make sense of usersi data and delivers painless reconciliation, exception processing and comparisons. It currently handles most flat file formats, such as comma or tab separated values. Excel spreadsheets can be reliably and easily exported to CSV for use in Differencia," said Sanjay Samani

Differencia 1.0 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It is Leopard ready, has a fully functional 45-day demo and is priced at US$29.95.