Digital Alarm Clock Updated With Improved iTunes Support

Acutus Trading has released an update for Digital Alarm Clock, bringing it to version 2.5. Digital Alarm Clock is a utility designed for emulating classic alarm clock look and functions on a users desktop. The update features expanded sizes/colors and improved iTunes support. According to Acutus Trading:

Acutus Trading today announced the release and immediate availability of Digital Alarm Clock 2.5, the latest version of Acutusi popular Mac OS X desktop productivity application.

Digital Alarm Clock is a small desktop application that tells time the 1970s way. Its authentic-looking LED display illuminates Macintosh desktops in reassuring primary colors ? just like we remember from our old bedside tables.

This update features the addition of multiple LED digital clock sizes and colours, as well as multiple-alarm functionality and improved iTunes integration.

You can find more information about the Digital Alarm Clock at the Acutus Trading Web site. The Digital Alarm Clock update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$7.95.