Digital Lifestyle Showing Film Starring "Switcher" Ellen Feiss

The Digital Lifestyle announced late Wednesday that the site would be airing Bed & Breakfast, a movie starring Ellen Feiss. Ms. Feiss was one of the most popular stars of Appleis "Switcher" campaign, and the film marks her big screen debut.

The Digital Lifestyle said that this would be a one-time only event, and that those participating would be able to discuss the movie with other participants. The site features Apple-related podcasts and videocasts, and Bed & Breakfast will be the first fictional programming the company has offered.

The movie itself was shot in France in 2006, and follows a young American couple on vacation in France looking for an old friend who has inherited a castle.

You can tune into the movie at The Digital Lifestyleis Web site on Monday, April 21st, at 9:30 PM ET.