Digital Pics: Importing Specific Images

Getting pictures from your digital camera into your Mac is a pretty simple task. Just plug in your camera, and let iPhoto suck everything off. If you want to import specific pictures and leave the rest on the camera, thatis easy, too -- even if you donit use iPhoto.

iPhoto makes it easy to import just the images you want from your digital camera. After you connect your camera to your Mac, select the pictures you want to add to iPhoto, and then click the Import Selected button instead of the Import All button.

Importing selected images into iPhoto.

If you donit want to use iPhoto, itis still easy to get those pictures into your Mac with Image Capture. This handy application installs with Mac OS X and lets you copy images from your digital camera and store them anywhere you like. It even shows image thumbnails prior to importing, so you donit have to guess which pics you really want.

Hereis how:

  • Launch Image Capture. Itis hiding in your Applications folder.
  • Connect your digital camera to your Mac.
  • Now click the Download Some button in Image Capture.

  • Importing specific images with Image Capture
  • Select the images you want to transfer to your Mac. The usual rules apply: Shift-Click to select multiple contiguous images, and Command-Click to select multiple discontiguous images.
  • Click the Download button.

Changing the image download target location.

Image Capture stores images by default in the Pictures folder in your Home directory. You can change the directory by using the Download Folder pop-up menu in the Download Some window.

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